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Ford F550 fitted with 200 Series MATTRACKS

Xplorer F550 Ready For Anything

Featuring Mattracks exclusive, patented rubber torsion, anti-torque system and air ride, chassis supported concentric pivot suspension. Years of development, in conjunction with the Military has resulted in the FASTT track, a non-power robbing, super high efficiency, light weight track design. No heat build up, and unbelievable fuel mileage!

  • 30-Minute Tires-to-Tracks Installation
  • Incredibly Low Ground Pressure, As little as 1.5 psi
  • Provides Mobility and Traction in Mud, Sand, Snow, Swamp and Tundra Conditions
  • Travel Up to 40 mph on Hard Surface
  • Can be fitted to Xplorer 4x4 Vehicles up to 1-1/2 ton
MATTRACKS provides a large footprint with tremendous traction and flotation. Xplorer recreational users can depend on their MATTRACKS equipped vehicle to get them there and back again, whether it’s for hunting, ice fishing, wilderness access, or any off road adventure. MATTRACKS transforms your Xplorer 4x4 vehicle into a truly all-terrain vehicle. Simply bolt MATTRACKS on and go! They are used by law enforcement, fire, rescue and emergency medical services. Gain an advantage over adverse weather conditions, remote locations and seemingly impossible terrain. Be prepared for any weather condition... don’t let anything keep you from making your destination.

MATTRACKS patented track systems have been used for work and play, on all seven continents and in over 40 countries for nearly a decade. Engineered for off-road use, the MATTRACKS’ 16” wide track tread design provides a smooth ride at speeds up to 40 mph on hard surfaces. Innovative design changes and advancements in materials have created improved product reliability, extended track wear, smoother ride and trouble-free operation. Xplorer units will gain extra clearance with MATTRACKS installed on your vehicle. Also gain a wider and longer wheel base, lowering your center of gravity for more stability. MATTRACKS allows your vehicle to clear more obstacles over rough terrain with less chance of getting hung up in deep snow or soft terrain.

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